Our cGMP Manufacturing Facility in Whippany, NJ

Our Whippany, New Jersey location houses our Corporate Headquarters. The facility provides cGMP compliant manufacturing and packaging services. The facility has been manufacturing drug products for over 40 years and has an excellent FDAMHRA and DEA compliance record. Continuously updated over the years, with state-of-the-art equipment, the plant utilizes a variety of laboratory and manufacturing technologies including coating, compression and granulation technologies.

Whippany is perfectly suited to handle either high-volume or small batch manufacturing, for a wide range of solidliquid and ointment (sterile and non-sterile) dosage forms. The facility includes laboratories for analytical method development and validationmethod transfers, QC release and stability testing as well as microbiology testing. A variety of packaging services are also available.

Granulation, Blending, Drying

  • Lodige 125 Liter, 2 x 600 Liter Vertical Granulator
  • Littleford 3000 Liter Horizontal Granulator/Blender
  • CDM Post Blender, 50ft³, 30ft³, 20ft³ “V” Shells
  • Globe Pharma Blenders
    • Bin and “V” Shells 4, 8, 16 qt.
    • Bin and “V” Shells 1ft³, 2ft3, 3ft³, 5ft³ and 10ft³
  • Vector GMXB Pilot Liter Vertical High-Shear
  • Vector HS granulator Interchangeable bowls 65L, 25L 10L XP
  • MIDI Glatt
  • Glatt WST200 Granulator/Dryer (Top Spray)
  • GPCG15 Granulator/Wurster Coater (solvent capable)
    • 9”, 12″, 18” Columns
    • 27L, 68L Granulation Bowls
  • Despatch Tray Dryer
  • Vector Micro-Roll Roller Compactor
  • Gerteis Mini-Pactor – Roller Compaction
  • LCI Extruder and Spheronizer
  • Huttlin Fluid Bed


  • Fette 2090 IC “B” tool 36-station
  • Fette 3090 Double rotary bi-layer B and D tooled
  • Kilian Tx32, Tx30 “B” tooled
  • Korsch XL100 Pro*
  • Elizabeth Hata (10 station)Bi-layer press B and D tooling

Film Coating

  • Thomas Accela-Cota 24” Pan
  • O’Hara Labcoat pan*
  • 8.5”, 12”,15” and 17” pans
  • Thomas Accela-Cota 48” (1)
  • Thomas Accela-Cota 60” Pans (2)


  • IMA Zanasi 40E Encapsulator
  • Bosch GKF2500 ASB
  • Krieger MMD 600 Batch Processor
  • IWKA TF 20 Tube Filler
    • Aseptic Compounding and Filling
  • Sarong SG6 Suppository
  • Filler Lee Melt Kettles
  • Cherry Burrell 2000 liter Mfg Tank
  • DCI 1000 liter Mfg Tank
  • Jacketed Premix Kettles
  • Various smaller liquid manufacturing vessels
  • 3 Fully equipped Solid Dose Packaging Lines
  • Klockner Blister Packaging Line
  • Filamatic VX300 XP Liquid Filler
  • IWKA Sterile tube filler 3.5 Gm – 100Gm
  • Merz Stick Filler
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Facility Overview
Facility Size 167,000 SQFT
Regulatory Approval U.S. FDA, U.S. DEA
Production Capabilities
Solid Dosage 3 Billion Units
Liquid 500,000 Litres
Suppository 5 Million Units
Ointments 200,000 KG
Bulk Powder 1,500 KG
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30 North Jefferson Road Whippany, NJ 07981 USA